Translating service

Spoken makes translations for all kinds of texts between Finnish, Swedish and English.

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Our translating service provides a good quality translation into the desired language while considering the special features.

A big operator

As a big operator, we are able to take on translation projects of all sizes.


Language pairs

Finnish-English, English-Finnish, Finnish-Swedish, Swedish-Finnish, English-Swedish, Swedish-English

Delivery time

We deliver a good quality translation of, for instance, a text of 5 000 characters in approximately three days.



The materials to be translated are often in Word format, but we can receive other file types, too.

Our employees

Our translators are university-educated professionals of linguistics.


The character count without spaces determines the price of the translation.

We translate for example

Marketing texts


Blog texts

Press releases




Authorized translation


We can also make you legally validated translations from Finnish to English. Authorized translation is always done by a translator who has completed the degree of authorized translator organized by the Finnish National Agency for Education. An authorized translation has the same probative value as the original document.

Authorized translation is usually required when translating official documents, such as diplomas, court decisions, documents related to business or inheritance matters.

We usually make an authorized translation based on a scanned document and send the finished translation by mail to the client. The price of an authorized translation is 100 € / page + VAT 24%, which differs from our normal translation fee.

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Our happy clients

“Very friendly, good and fast service. The sending of audio files went easily and without problems. I can recommend it to others and we will definitely continue to use the services in the future.”

"Fast and efficient service."

Vivien| Productionskoordinator | Studio e

“Quick delivery, high quality and great customer service.”

- Anna Makeeva, Digital strateg and editor, Heedmark AB

“Everything went really smoothly from the request of the proposal to the delivery of the material and delivery of the transcripts. It was nice to be able to deal with one specific person throughout the customer relationship.”

"I will definitely continue sending my files to Spoken. Great service. Fast delivery and great support."

“Very fast response to my first contact! Got a really good picture of service right from the start. Even after that, everything has gone very well. 🙂 "

"Quick and effective service. Can recommend for english and swedish translations."

"Always very professional and fast service with kind treatment."