AI Transcription – Transcripts based on speech recognition

We provide a modern speech recognition service for all your transcription needs. Should you require interview, meeting, legal or podcast material in written form, our AI technology ensures that your audio files are turned into written form quickly and effortlessly.

Why Spoken?

Three reasons for ordering AI-generated transcripts


The market leader for highest accuracy in Nordic languages

As a Nordic operator, we have tailored our speech recognition tool to address materials in Nordic languages. If you are looking for a completely accurate transcript free of mistakes and errors, check out our professional transcription services.


Extremely Fast Turnaround Times

The delivery times for AI-generated transcripts are calculated in minutes, meaning that you can download the finished texts practically right away.


Confidentiality and Data Security

Speech recognition takes place in our own secure system, securing your information in accordance with the demands of GDPR.


Price for AI Transcription

Pricing of AI-generated transcription is completely transparent, as it is based on the duration of the audio file to the nearest second. The price of speech recognition-based transcription is 9 € / recording hour (excl. VAT).


The quality of speech recognition, file formats, and speed of service – Answers to frequently asked questions

How would you describe the quality of an AI-generated transcript?

Above all, the quality of a speech recognition-based transcript depends on the quality of the recording. The clearer the verbal material of the recording and the less background noise it contains, the higher the quality of an AI-generated transcript. As of now, the accuracy of speech recognition is about 90 percent. If the accuracy of an AI-generated transcript is not enough for your project, you can always request finishing touches separately from our professionals.

Which audio files can you work with?

We can process the most common audio formats, including MP3, WAV, and AAC.

How quickly can I receive the transcript?

Speech recognition-based transcripts are completed within a few minutes, after which they become available for download on our client portal.


How does purchasing our service work?


You can send a request for quotation simply by clicking here.


You will receive an offer from us within 24 hours of sending the request for an offer.


After accepting our quotation, you can send your material to us for processing effortlessly and in an information secure way via our website.


After the project has been finished, we will provide you with a link to the finished project to both your email and to your customer account.

Turnaround times

Standard delivery

Speech recognition-based transcripts are completed within a few minutes, after which they become available for download on our client portal.

Have we worked with you before? You can send your files directly to us through our form without a separate quote, and we’ll start working on your material right away!


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