So you are free to focus on the essential.

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High-quality transcription service

So you are free to focus on the essential.



Spoken offers both academic and legal transcription for universities, business sector and law firms.


We offer proofreading in English, in Swedish and in Finnish.

Delivery time

We can deliver at least 15 audio hours transcribed in one week.

Satisfaction guarantee 100 %

We give 100 % satisfaction guarantee for our services. High-quality services are essential for our company.


Our team consists of experts in philology, communication and translation.

Finland and Sweden

We serve our clients nationwide in Finland, and Sweden.


Delivered projects

Hours transcribed

Happy clients

Our service model

Request for quote

You can easily send your request for a quote here.


You will receive an offer by email within 24 hours.

Material delivery

You can send the material to us through our website.

Ready-made project

We deliver the completed work to you by email as scheduled in the offer.


All of our projects are confidential.

After receiving our offer, you will also receive our general terms and conditions that specifically define what we mean by ‘confidentiality’. You can be sure that all information and material sent to us will be kept strictly confidential.

Satisfaction guarantee

We give 100 % satisfaction guarantee for our services

High-quality services are essential for our company, and high customer satisfaction makes our professional service possible. Therefore, we give you a full satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you pay nothing for the service.

Practical tips for interviews (in Finnish)

Our happy clients


“Everything went really smoothly from the request of the proposal to the delivery of the material and delivery of the transcripts. It was nice to be able to deal with one specific person throughout the customer relationship.”

“Very friendly, good and fast service. The sending of audio files went easily and without problems. I can recommend it to others and we will definitely continue to use the services in the future.”

“Very fast response to my first contact! Got a really good picture of service right from the start. Even after that, everything has gone very well. 🙂 "

"Your delivery system for audio files is excellent - no more memory sticks, messengers, or unsafe mail. Thanks!"


How to transcribe

How to transcribe

Despite the fact that transcription – i.e. converting speech to text – does not sound like such a difficult task, it has its challenges. To transcribe well means that you are able to concentrate and to be careful, and you have to type reasonably fast. It...

Preparing for a research interview

Preparing for a research interview

One can only really learn how to interview by conducting interviews, but thorough planning and reading interview guides does help. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are preparing for your research interview.Before the interviewFinding people to...

Interview types

Interview types

Interviews are usually categorised into three groups: structured, semi-structured and unstructured interviews. This division is based on how the questions are posed. Each type has its purposes and uses, as well as its unique limitations. Structured...


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