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We offer subtitles and captions to all kind of video files either in the same language as captions or in another language as translated subtitles.

Web Accessibility Directive

In addition, our selection also includes captions that meet the accessibility requirements set by the EU.


We offer transcription services to all actors in various transcription types.

Founded in






We subtitle


video hours monthly

We transcribe


audio hours monthly

Why Choose Us?

Information security

Data security and GDPR compliance are the cornerstones of our operations, ensuring the utmost confidentiality of our projects.

As you work with us, we guarantee that your material maintains its confidentiality.

Transparent Pricing

Our transparent pricing allows you to see the costs of utilising our services. By requesting a quotation from us, you will also receive a specified price for your project.

We have no costs to hide.


Our personnel include professionals in the fields of linguistics and communication, as well as native speakers of our working languages. Although we also use AI in our work process, all our projects are always carried out by real people.

Satisfaction Guarantee 100 %

Satisfied customers and the high-quality of our work are essential for us. For this reason, we offer a full satisfaction guarantee for our work.

Therefore, you can rest assured that the project ordered from us results in your desired outcome.

Personal Customer Service

We will respond to your request for quotation personally within 24 hours.

If you have any questions, we will answer you as soon as possible. You can expect a response within the same business day.

Major Player

Our customers include video production companies, cities, municipalities, researchers, and law firms.

We offer nationwide services in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and Germany.

Who do we serve?

Film production companies

Standard subtitles and accessible subtitles for videos.

Researchers and educational institutions

Transcription of research material, subtitling of lectures.


Subtitling, transcription of webcast recordings.

Public administration

Accessible subtitles and transcription.

Law firms

Transcription of legal proceedings.


Get in touch, so we can look at your service needs together!

Our Service Model

Request for Quote

You can send a request for quotation simply by clicking here.


We will send you a quotation to your email within 24 hours from receiving your request.

Material Delivery

After accepting our quotation, you can send your material to us for processing effortlessly and in an information secure way via our website.

Finished Project

After the project has been finished, we will provide you with a link to the finished project to both your email and to your customer account.

Turnaround times

Basic Delivery

The completion schedule depends on our project status. We always confirm the delivery time in the offer.

Express Delivery

With express delivery, you receive the finished work the next business day after the material is sent.

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Express delivery: Standard price +100 %. Read more on our FAQ page under Material – Express delivery.

Our Satisfied Customers

“Very friendly, good and fast service. The sending of audio files went easily and without problems. I can recommend it to others and we will definitely continue to use the services in the future.”

"Fast and efficient service."

Vivien| Productionskoordinator | Studio e

“Quick delivery, high quality and great customer service.”

- Anna Makeeva, Digital strateg and editor, Heedmark AB

“Everything went really smoothly from the request of the proposal to the delivery of the material and delivery of the transcripts. It was nice to be able to deal with one specific person throughout the customer relationship.”

"I will definitely continue sending my files to Spoken. Great service. Fast delivery and great support."

“Very fast response to my first contact! Got a really good picture of service right from the start. Even after that, everything has gone very well. 🙂 "

"Quick and effective service. Can recommend for english and swedish translations."

"Always very professional and fast service with kind treatment."


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