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Subtitles & Captions

Price € / Video Minute


Captions with same language as video:

4 € / min (excl. VAT)


Translated subtitles:

(English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Russian or Estonian)

15 € / min (excl. VAT)

Subtitles & Captions Price Calculator

The payment method for our services is invoice which is sent after the project by email, mail or e-invoice.


Price € / Recording Hour

Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German or French. All prices exclude VAT (reversed VAT for companies in EU outside of Finland).

Transcription format 2 speakers 3 speakers 4-6 speakers over 6 speakers
Clean Verbatim 70 € 80 € 90 € 100 €
Full Verbatim 90 € 100 € 110 € 120 €
Edited transcript 90 € 100 € 110 € 120 €
Translated transcription Pricing on a case-by-case basis

Price calculator

More than 10 hours of material

You can directly send us the material for transcription.
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  • The price will be based on the exact length of the recording as well as the number of speakers according to the price list
  • The price includes speaker distinction
  • Minimum billing €50 + VAT 24%
  • Add the billing information of the project in the additional information field
  • As a private individual, please input your home address in the additional information field for billing
  • The material will be handled absolutely confidentially
  • You will receive a confirmation of your order within 24 hours
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More than 10 hours of material

We offer a discount if you have more than 10 hours of material. Request a quote to find out the exact price for your project.