Our proofreading service can be used for both academic texts and personal material. We also offer our expertise to businesses and we are ready to help in situations where the target language is not author’s mothertongue.

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As one of the largest operators in Nordics we are able to takeon jobs of all sizes and scopes.


We offer proofreading in English, in Swedish, in Finnish, in German and in Norwegian.


Our proofreaders are experienced language professionals.


To ensure the best results, we hope to receive material in the form of Word documents.


Ready-made text

As a result, you will receive your text with comments and possible improvements. You get to see the changes instantly and easily.


Service rate for proofreading is based on word count.

Our proofreading service

Our proofreading service includes going through the following sections:

  • Articles and prepositions
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation marks
  • Grammatical structures (suggestions for improving fluency and structure)

As a supplementary service, we can also edit the content of your text. When editing your text’s content, we can make it easier to read or focus on what is important for your study. This allows your target audience to better understand what the purpose and the main points of the text are. Content editing is most useful for commercial text, e.g. websites, brochures, or advertising.

Our proofreading serves the following needs

I am a student or an academic

We proofread articles, doctoral theses, dissertations, abstracts, research reports and personal statements.

It is not my native language

If the text is written in the author’s second language, proofreading is often useful for your text to be error-free.

I am a business person

Different memos, reports, manuals, marketing materials, pressreleases and other business documents may need proofreading.

I have a personal documents

Our service can be used for application forms, resumes, important e-mails and any other personal documents.

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“Quick delivery, high quality and great customer service.”

- Anna Makeeva, Digital strateg and editor, Heedmark AB

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