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Analysis of research material

The analysis of finished research interviews is best done with the help of transcribed texts. Transcription is often tough and time-consuming, so it’s a good idea to leave it to a reliable partner. This makes it easy to transfer the interview material into text form and you can quickly start analysing the data.

Subtitling of online lectures

The students particularly appreciate subtitling of distance lectures since they can then follow the lecture without sound. With increasing mobile usage, subtitles make it possible to follow lectures in public places such as public transport.


Transcription of Research Material

In scientific research, interviews are one of the most common methods of collecting material and transcriptions play a significant role in the analysis of the interview material. Analysing and observing a recorded interview is demanding, so it’s a good idea to transcribe it. Transcribed material is easy to view. The transcription also allows you to use electronic search functions if you want to find a specific passage in the text.

Transcription formats for transcripts

Clean Verbatim

  • Accuracy
  • Price
  • Readability

Full verbatim

  • Accuracy
  • Price
  • Readability

Edited Transcript

  • Accuracy
  • Price
  • Readability


Our Satisfied Customers

Matias Höglund

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

We have ordered subtitles from Spoken for a few years now. The cooperation has been functional. Ordering subtitles through the portal has proven to be effortless and the ready-made files have reached us very quickly.

Christian Thibault

Chief Executive Officer
Nordic Diversity Trainers Oy

We are very happy with the prompt and professional service provided by Spoken. Its a crucial element in our multi-lingual work environment and working with a linguistically diverse team. With the services of Spoken, for the past three years we have always been able to easily match all deadlines and to satisfy our clients demands. We can't do else than to highly recommend Spoken for all your language needs.

Heikki Räisänen

Video producer
Ræven Visual

The accuracy level of transcription has always been just right; time coding next to the text makes it easier to find the right place on the editing table, and the price is at least reasonable. A service that saves time and money.


Postdoctoral researcher
University of Helsinki

I have been really pleased that individual interview files can be delivered to Spoken as the research progresses and then transcribed at the same time. Even though we have chosen a normal delivery time (no express delivery), the service has still been fast and often the transcribed file has been waiting in the mail already a day after submitting it. I also like that if the transcriber has been unsure about a certain expression, it has been noted in the file and also the time, so I have been able to check the point and correct it if necessary.