Legal transcription

by 20 May, 2024

Transcription in general is the writing of recordings or videos into text. Legal transcription, on the other hand, means the same process, but it applies only to recordings of legal proceedings. They require special precision. In this article, I will discuss legal transcription.

Save time

In legal proceedings, such as witness hearings or trials in general, videos and recordings are essential, but manually browsing and listening to them to find crucial parts is extremely time-consuming. Transcriptions of legal proceedings saves time because instead of watching long videos or listening to recordings, you can easily search for and find the part you need in the text in electronic form and see it quickly at a glance.

The transcription is available in an easy format. It is effortless to forward text files via email if needed. In addition, with the help of the time stamps in the text, you can effortlessly find the relevant point in the text file if you need to listen to the recording in addition to reading the text. With the help of a transcribed text, you can really make your work easier and save time, which I’m sure you need for more important tasks.

Save resources

At the end of the day, not only does transcribing save your precious time, it also saves resources. It may be that you find it tempting to entrust the transcription to one of your company’s employees, for example a secretary. In this way, you might think that you will save time, effort and money instead of paying a company especially specialised in transcription for a job that, for example, your secretary could do as wel. However, have you considered the fact that your employee spends more expensive time on transcribing instead of doing the work that is actually in their job description? They probably spend more time transcribing than someone who does it professionally.

Not everyone can type quickly, like Spoken’s transcribers, for instance. In addition, experienced transcribers are more accurate than inexperienced ones. The transcription company’s employees are fast and used to transcription. In addition, they have the ability to be accurate, which is required of course in all projects but is especially important in legal transcription.

 Due to the facts mentioned above, I strongly recommend considering making use of professionals in transcription projects, especially legal ones requiring a great deal of accuracy.